My first client testimonial, by financial empowerment coach Cat Plummer

Brief: Help with website copy for

What I did: Cat knew she wanted to improve the copy on her website but she wasn’t sure exactly what to tackle first, or how. To get to the heart of what she needed, we set up a meeting so I could ask her lots of questions about her business. Once I’d been fully initiated into the fascinating (and totally new to me) world of financial empowerment coaching, I was ready to offer my expertise. My first step was to draw up a content audit of Cat’s website. The purpose of this document was to give both Cat and I a good idea of her content’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

This document is bespoke for each of my clients and, to celebrate the launch of my writing business, I am offering it for just £100 (for a limited time only). This is what Cat’s contained:

1. Brand and audience profile – What does Cat’s brand stand for? What are her key values and messages? Who exactly is her service aimed at? Pinning this down is essential before I begin writing.

2. Web pages and structure – I drew up a site structure map with proposed improvements to streamline usability and navigation.

5. Main competitor analysis – Who is ranking highly for financial coaching? Who are the big players? What are they doing right? What niches and opportunities are left for Cat? This is all about inspiration and idea gathering.

6. Content strengths and opportunities – I went through each of Cat’s site pages systematically to identify the things I loved (like her vibrant writing voice) and the elements I felt needed work. This way we could make sure we were on the same page in terms of tone and style.

7. Keyword ideas – I ran a keyword search to identify the terms people are searching most. What keywords should I work into the copy to get Cat to rank in the search engines?

8. Proposed work and pricing – This part outlined the work I felt Cat’s site would benefit from, with the prices listed for each service. Cat could then choose to go ahead with some or all of the content, or she could choose to implement my plan herself. She decided she wanted my help and the work commenced. These are the services I provided:

  • Tone of voice guide
  • Rewrite homepage content
  • Rewrite work with me page
  • Rewrite about me page

What Cat said

“Working with Zoe has been a joy from start to finish. I wanted to update the copy on my website and although I had tried to have a go myself I really wanted it to dazzle. I was drawn in by the fantastic content on Zoe’s own website and I knew straight away that I wanted her to work her magic.

She really took the time to get to know me and my business and the end results were simply superb! She took what I said, what I wanted to say and turned it into copy that I am really proud to have on my website. No question or query was ever too much. She was even able to suggest graphics and placement for the content.

I opted for the content audit, the tone of voice guide and 3 pages of
copy – homepage, about me page and work with me page. I was not
disappointed. The content audit and tone of voice guide were really
comprehensive and just these alone were so useful with plenty of
recommendations. I was able to make improvements right away and it made such a positive difference. The tone of voice guide is such a fantastic tool. I have had so many compliments on my website since I updated it with Zoe’s work.

I will definitely be using Zoe for any future copy work and have no
hesitations in recommending her. You will not regret it!”

Cat Plummer, Financial Empowerment Coach

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