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This is a small selection of work – mainly lifestyle features for magazines and travel websites, that I’m able to make public. The bulk of my work involves ghost writing web content for organisations – pieces like blog posts, information pages, infographics, emails and advertisements. If you would like to see an example of this type of work, please ask and I will send you a selection of links privately. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy reading some of these excerpts.

Restaurant review

“Squeezed unassumingly between a grocery store and a phone shop on Western Road, is Graze – a tiny but immaculately presented restaurant that, thanks to its quaint awning and outdoor seating, has the elegant appearance of an upmarket Parisian café. “

Working Lunch at Brighton & Hove’s Graze, Sussex Business Times

Special report

“Our towns and cities are based around us: our needs, our lifestyles, our whims, our desires, our trends. Every building reflects the zeitgeist of its era: like Victorian townhouses with their grand facades displaying the wealth of the aristocracy; the ‘60s tower blocks emphasising austerity and functionality, and the millennial high rises capturing the emergence of new technologies “

Scrap the Paperwork: Changing The Shape of Sussex Towns, Sussex Business Times


“One thing all visits to New York must include is a pizza slice. Luckily, half the city is descended from Italians, so there’s an independent pizza take-away on practically every block. We stumbled into a gem of a place on E 41st St, just off Lexington Avenue, called Previti Pizza.”

Mad for Manhattan, Inspired Travel

Travel and food

“Beyond the plate-glass windows of the Vecchia Malcesine Ristorante, a ray of sunlight escapes from the stormy sky and casts a godly light over Lake Garda. On the far shore to the north, the Alps give way to blue-green water where little sailing boats whip along in the breeze, dwarfed by the dramatic backdrop of snow-peaked mountains that border nearby Switzerland. It’s hard to believe that just four hours ago, I was sitting at Stansted airport eating a stale croissant.”

A Taste of Life at the Lake, Inspired Travel

Food and culture

“There is something rather special about eating a mooncake. For one, this is a real delicacy in China, only appearing in shops and stalls around the time of the Mid-Autumn festival. For another, mooncakes are unlike any cake you will have eaten before in the UK.

Celebrate Mid-Autumn With Mooncake, Inspired Travel

Author interview

“David has recently published his second book, Limitless Sky, which documents his first meeting with a Nepalese shaman in the foothills of the Himalayas – a wise old man who changed his life by teaching him the practical and ancient philosophy of tantric yoga. Through a series of grueling initiations, David was taught to aim to live fully and joyfully with purpose, and to acquire self-knowledge without self-interest. By sharing his incredible story and insights, David hopes that we, too, may benefit from his jhankri’s lessons.

Author interview – David Charles Manners, Inspired Travel


“It was evening. The sun cast golden streaks between the buildings.  We wandered back up towards the square in search of food and came across the Gharb Rangers Football Club – not a classic eating establishment granted, but we were so tired and hungry after a long day of travelling that we were willing to try anything.”

Going to GoZo, Inspired Travel


“You’ll find abstract sculptures all over the place: hidden in parks, alongside roads and, of course, in some of the city’s famous art museums. Take a look around the Musee d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemprain for a heady dose of New Realism and Pop Art.”

5 Things To Do in the French Riviera’s Bustling Capita
l, Inspired Travel


“Every Christmas someone somewhere in the world will drink too much free booze and make a total tit of themselves at their work’s Christmas party. Don’t let that someone be you. Here’s some tips on how to keep up appearances at your festive do, and why it’s important for your future.”

How to make the right impression at your work Christmas party, TNT Magazine


“Sin City, as it’s affectionately known by its visitors, is the perfect Valentine destination for the risk-takers; for the lovers who want to stay up all night partying and stay in all day revelling in the excesses of a luxury hotel suite.”

5 Valentine’s Destinations – From Steamy Nights to Wine and Dine, The Travel Magazine

Hotel review

“Its sheer size and extravagance is breathtaking, boasting 3,044 rooms, a zoo, an artificial volcano with regular eruptions and the world’s largest entertainment marquee.”

Top 5 obscene luxuries from Vegas hotels, The Travel Magazine


“Illuminated under the glow of more than two million fairy-lights, Copenhagen’s centre becomes a great pulsing spectacle of light, festivity, feasting and Christmas cheer.”

Fly to Copenhagen for a Christmas Market Spectacle, The Travel Magazine
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